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Fascia – A New Paradigm for Understanding and Treating Pain

A Talk by Hal Blatman MD. (Blatman Health And Wellness)

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That which we once thought nothing of and discarded in anatomy class as trash, provides a treasure of information that can teach us better ways to understand and treat pain. Fascia is the most important generator of pain and proprioception in the body. Muscle, fascia, radiating myofascial pain, prolotherapy, trigger point injections, ozonotherapy, PRP injections, acupuncture, and the use of compounding pharmacy take on new meaning with a more up-to-date understanding of anatomy that is based on new techniques of fascia sparing dissection. Contrary to the way pain practitioners have been taught, there is now a need to deemphasize medication and promote non-pharmaceutical treatment options for patients. Specific qualities and symptoms of pain blur as we reconsider our understanding of neuropathic and sympathetically mediated pain. Changing this perspective will allow you to rethink the circle of injury, pain, and healing in a way that could revolutionize your practice and better the lives of your patients.

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Hal Blatman MD.

Hal Blatman MD.

Blatman Health And Wellness

Dr. Blatman practices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Manhattan, NY, and has shared his techniques with enthusiastic participants across North America. With two years of orthopedic surgery training, board certification in Occupational and Environmental Medicine with a strong background in clinical toxicology and ergonomics, Healing Touch, and craniosacral therapy, and board certification in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Blatman brings a unique understanding and background to chronic pain and healing without drugs. Mentors such as Janet Travell, Deitrich Klinghardt, and Russel Jaffe have profoundly augmented his understanding of injury, pain, and healing. He loves helping people learn and understand that pain is not what we were taught, and it can often go away.

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