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Dr. Jordan Axe

Axe Holistic Medicine, Axe Holistic Medicine

Jeff Baker MD.

The Healing Sanctuary, THE HEALING SANCTUARY

Hal Blatman MD.

Blatman Health And Wellness

Andrew Bloch

President, Pain Arthritis Relief Center

Dr. William Cowden

Robert (Bob) Dennis PhD

Micro-Pulse LLC

Dr. William Domb

Past President International Association of Ozone in Healthcare

Paola Dziwetzki

The Power of Ozone

Dr. Hannah Grushkowsky

Director, Dr. Ozone

Dr. Clayton Hansen

Director, Hansen Health Solutions

Paul Harvey

Gnosis Wellness Centre Inc, Gnosis Wellness Centre Inc

Dr. Antonio Jimenez

Founder and Chief Medical Office, Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Total Care Dental & Wellness, Total care Dental

David King

CEO, Healthy Wild And Free

Joy Kong MD.

President, American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy

Dr. Mandy Lagreca

Founder, IC Healer

BSc Tom Lowe

Physicians UBI Awareness Center

The Fabulous Mango Brothers

Dj's, Baby'O Acapulco

Dr Zach Manwaring

Whole Body Institute, Whole Body Institute

Dr. Dennis Mihalka

Smile Place Products, Smile Place Products

Dr. Joseph Purita

Medical Director, The Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Margo Roman

Microbiome Restorative Therapy, Microbiome Restorative Therapy

Judy Seeger ND

Ultrazone IV

Dr. Jason West

West Clinic